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Butterflies (Nursery)

Welcome to Butterflies Class

Mrs Andrews – Teacher

Mrs Allwood (Nursery Nurse)


Welcome to Butterflies class.

In Nursery children have lots of fun and make lots of friends! They will learn and develop through play, both indoors and outdoors. Our environment is full of lovely resources and the children can choose where they would like to play and learn. Stories, music, songs and rhymes are central to everything we do in Ladybird class and we will gather together on the carpet several times in a session to share these. The children will learn all about the world around them. Mrs Andrews (class teacher) and Mrs Allwood (Nursery Nurse) will nurture your child so they become a confident, resourceful, creative, imaginative, curious, resilient little human being! We aim to create an exciting space for your child to grow in, where they feel safe, secure and loved.

A few things your child needs in school with them every day:

  • A named water bottle filled with water
  • A named pair of wellington boots
  • A back pack containing spare clothes

We go outside to play all year round so please ensure your child has warm waterproof coat etc in cold weather and a hat in hot weather. Please DO NOT send food or other drinks in. The children will be provided with a snack of fruit and milk during the morning.

We really want your child to be as independent as possible. These are the things you can encourage your child to do at home to support us in this:

  • Going to the toilet by them self
  • Washing and drying their own hands
  • Putting on and fastening their own coat
  • Putting on their own shoes and socks
  • Sharing toys
  • Asking for help when they need it
  • Eating without help, using a knife and fork
  • Tidying up toys when finished
  • Talking to others about ideas and feelings


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