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We expect children to wear the uniform as we believe it helps reinforce the view that school is a place where they come to work. We expect all pupils to be smartly dressed, clean and tidy.

The appropriate dress is as follows:

  • Grey skirt or trousers (not denim jeans)
  • White shirt/T Shirt
  • Dark navy blue Atlas Academy sweatshirt with or without logo
  • Blue check dress (summer) or black/grey shorts (summer)

Sun tops and sundresses are not allowed. This is to protect the children from the sun when outside.

Black Shoes must not have high heels and must have secure fastenings (sling-backs, mules and flip flops are not appropriate footwear for school).

All children need a pair of pumps for indoor PE sessions.

Please clearly write your child’s name in all articles, particularly school sweatshirts and t-shirts and P.E. kit with tags or with indelible marker pen on the actual clothing label. Also label their coats, water bottle, bags and sandwich box where necessary.

The school cannot accept any responsibility for damage, loss or theft of personal items. Insurance cover is not provided by the local authority or the school against loss, theft or damage with regard to personal property of pupils.

Here is the link to Cliffs Uniform shop in Doncaster Town Centre. Cliffs uniform shop

P.E. Clothing

It is essential that all children change their clothes for P.E. and Games sessions.

Indoor P.E.

Foundation 2, Years 1 & 2            

Long vest, plain white or blue T-Shirt and shorts, slip-on or velcro fastening plimsolls.

Years 3, 4, 5 & 6                     

Plain white or blue T-Shirt and shorts, (or close fitting leggings for girls) slip-on or velcro fastening plimsolls

All children must have a pair of plimsolls for working on the apparatus.

Outdoor P.E.

Years 3, 4, 5 & 6            

Football/Rugby shirt shorts, socks, with a suitable change of footwear (trainers) (tracksuits or sweatshirts are advised for colder weather)

All children must have a change of footwear for outdoor games.

Pupils should not wear any of the following for school:

  • any jewellery, except for watches and one pair ‘studs’ (i.e. no rings, bangles, bracelets, loop ear-rings)
  • make-up, nail varnish or ‘tattoo transfers’
  • replica sports team kit
  • shoes with high heels or flashing lights
  • shaved pattern hair cuts
  • coloured dyed patterns in hair.

Any of the above might be seen as a distraction from the prime reason for your child’s presence in school – to work and learn.


For health and safety and other practical reasons in school long hair must be tied back whilst children are in school. This is particularly important for PE and so please ensure you child has appropriate hair “bobbles” or clips to keep their hair secured. Fancy hair fastenings with trailing pieces/ false hair attachments are not suitable for school and should not be worn.


1 piece bathing costume for girls. Swimming trunks (not long shorts) for boys. Children with long hair are encouraged to wear a swimming cap.

Children should NOT wear jewellery.

During any physical activity any watches or stud earrings must be removed for health and safety reasons to protect the wearer and those around from injury. Items of jewellery remain the child’s responsibility at all times. If earrings cannot be removed pupils may place plasters/ micropore tape over the studs. In these cases plasters or surgical tape must be provided from home.

Staff are not allowed to remove or put studs in ears or put plasters on ears or remove them. All clothing should be clearly named.


Body piercing – Earrings

The pupils may wear one pair of stud earrings. These must either be removed for P.E. or the pupil may cover them with a plaster brought from home. Hoops or earrings that dangle are not allowed at any time in school.

No other studs on any body parts may be worn at school.

Watches may be worn at school, but we ask that they do not have any devices that make a noise.

Other forms of jewellery are not permitted.

Items of jewellery, which includes ear-studs remain the responsibility of pupils at all times.

Children attending the Foundation Stage are asked not to wear any jewellery. If earrings are worn they should be covered up at all times with a plaster. For reasons of safety this is important as a lot of activities in the Early Years involve climbing, use of climbing equipment, dressing up with dressing up clothes and use of overhead aprons.

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