School Alerts

Raising a Concern

If you have a problem concerning your child, please make an appointment to see the class teacher at the earliest opportunity.

Most problems can be dealt with informally by the class teacher.  The class teacher should be the first port of call for parents/carers who have any problems.  If you feel as a parent/carer that the issue is not resolved then one of the Vice-Principals will be happy to help. Problems will be referred to the Executive Principal when standard procedures have not been effective in resolving the issue.

If you have any concerns it is important to discuss them with school as early as possible. If you feel that your concerns have not been fully resolved the academy has a formal complaints procedure .

Parents are welcome to discuss any issues they may have regarding their child. However, as you can appreciate, the start of the school day is a very busy time, and class teachers would welcome discussions at the end of the school day. Messages can be passed to the class teacher via the office.

Click here to view our trust wide policy on complaints

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