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Reading and Phonics

Letters and sounds

Phoneme = sound.

Grapheme = letter(s) that represent a sound.

At Atlas, we teach children to convert a letter or group of letters into sounds that can be blended together to make a word.

To teach phonics, we follow the ‘Letters and sounds’.

We aim to enable your child to;

Learn to recognise the 44 sounds and their corresponding letter(s).

Learn to read words using sound blending.

Learn to write the letter(s) which represent the 44 sounds.

Learn to write words by saying the sounds.

You will notice that some sounds are made using single letters, others comprise 2 or more letters. When introducing children to a sound, emphasise, that where the sound has multiple letters, we still only say just one sound. This can be a hard concept for children to begin to understand.

Children work through learning the sounds, starting with phase 2 in reception.