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The local authority co-ordinates our school’s admissions process. Only they can decide who is eligible for a place in our school. Information about Doncaster schools and admission policies can accessed through the Schools Admission Team or at

If you interested in a place at our school, we recommend you visit before making up your mind. Contact Miss Crookes in the school office to arrange a visit.  We accept new pupils throughout the school year.

Starting Nursery

Children are usually admitted to a school nursery in the September following their third birthday. You can apply for a place at our nursery class but will need to apply again for a place in our reception class. Please be aware that attending our nursery class does not guarantee you a place in our reception class.

School Transfer Request

If your child already attends a school in Doncaster, you will need to complete a school transfer request application form if you want to transfer your child to Atlas Academy. You will need to complete this online – Transfer Request Doncaster Council

Starting Reception

Schools in Doncaster admit children to reception classes in September at the start of the school year if they have had their fourth birthday on or before 31 August. If your child already attends our Nursery, a separate application is needed for them to start school.  There is increasing demand for places in reception classes in Doncaster and you are advised to put more than one choice of school on the form to guarantee your child a place at a school.

Starting Secondary School

After Year 6, pupils will move to a secondary school where they remain until Year 11. You must apply through the local authority for a secondary school place. Only Doncaster residents should complete their application forms.  If you live outside of Doncaster you must apply to your home admission authority regardless of which school you wish to apply for.

If you have any questions then speak to Miss Crookes in the school office.

School Admissions Team

01302 737204

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