School Alerts
  • Sand Fun

    Reception learning through play

  • Maths

    Year 4 hard at their mathswork

  • Year 1

    Learning through play

  • Reception

    Tea party

  • Reading

    Year 6 love reading

  • Year 2

    Concentrating hard

  • Year 5

    Ready to Listen

Welcome to the Atlas Academy


A warm welcome to the website of Atlas Academy. We are a vibrant and diverse primary school located in the centre of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, providing education for children from 3 to 11 years.

We are dedicated to providing a stimulating, inclusive and nurturing learning environment for our children and their families. Every child is special and we aim to provide them with rich learning experiences so that they develop into confident, capable, resilient and independent learners. We expect our children to foster a love of learning and want them to be aspirational and motivated across all areas of the school’s curriculum.

We hope you enjoy finding out about Atlas Academy. If you would like to visit our school, please contact us to make an appointment.